If you are a Millennial, I bet you had front row seats to a really interesting turning point in the world’s relationship to technology. Take yourself back to an innocent time in the mid 2000s. You probably went out to dinner with a friend who had just gotten text messaging on their cell phone. Your friend then proceeded to text their crush/bestie for the whole dinner, pretty much ignoring you. When it happened to me, I remember thinking that surely etiquette would evolve to squash this. Etiquette didn’t rise to the occasion sadly, and neither did I. …

Disclosure: I work as a Software Development Engineer for Amazon (Alexa). I also exist as a living human person outside of my job. The views and opinions in this post are entirely my own.

The First 12 Years

I joined Facebook back in 2006, during my first few days as an undergraduate. Over the next few years, it would play an increasingly major role in my life. Facebook became central to connecting with friends, group chats, planning events; the epicenter of pretty much all communication taking place online. …

Do you ever find yourself thinking “I wish I could do more recreational physics”? If so, today is your lucky day! We’re going simulate our very own solar system.

At the end of this tutorial, you should be able to define a hypothetical gravitational system, and graph the paths of the bodies involved over a custom time frame.

This sounds complicated, because usually physics relating to space is considered hard. But it’s not that hard! If someone has already broken down the algorithm (which I will do), you just have to understand the rough theory. Then it’s no harder than…

Ben Eagan

I’m a Software Engineer who practices Human Centred Computing. I’m also a new dad, husband, coffee roaster, mountain biker, who can’t be constrained to 160 char

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